Michelle McKenna

Appeals of VA disability awards – accepting cases nationally

VA-accredited Attorney Michelle McKenna has worked on successful appeals at the VA and federal courts, of issues ranging from Agent Orange-related death to PTSD, narcolepsy, and more. Michelle combines a knowledge of the military borne of 27 years of experience on active duty and in the Reserves, and a talent for digging deep into records, memories, and the law, to make the argument the VA can’t deny.

In Colorado

Michelle handles personal injury cases, appeals of state court decisions, and family law issues (divorce, child custody, modification of prior parenting and child support orders). Michelle has been the lead on appellate cases winning both on the law and on the facts. As one of the leading mediators and arbiters of family law cases in Colorado, Michelle has over 22 years of expertise in settling tough cases out of court.

Extensive experience and a focus on excellence

Michelle is a veteran both of organizations requiring high performance with a minimum of resources and time (commander of troops in 82nd Airborne, 18th Airborne Corps, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment), and staff positions requiring nuanced negotiations, understanding of complex relationships, and thorough, thoughtful work with people from all walks of life (planner on joint task force in Central America; logistics manager during two wars serving 20,000 people; administrator of largest alternative dispute resolution program in Colorado).  Michelle has degrees from Georgetown University, Duke University, and the University of Denver.

Michelle brings all these experiences and skills to each case, plus a keen desire to empower people facing legal issues.